Dr.G's Red Slime Algae Control, 237ml

Dr.G's Red Slime Algae Control, 237ml

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   • Helps remove Cyano-bacteria
   • No harmful chemicals, Reef Safe, can be used in all Marine Tanks, will not hurt or harm fish, invertebrates, macro / micro algae, coral or nitrifying bacteria (biological filter).
   • For aquariums up to 50, 100 or 300 gallons (depending on which size purchased)
   • Will work within 48 hours, removing the red Slime / Cyanobacteria from sand beds, rocks and coral, use a turkey baster to blow off any Red Slime residue.

Red Slime (Cyano Bacteria) happens in all tanks, especially in new set-ups. Red Slime starts as small patches and spreads to cover sand, rock and coral. Once the rock or coral are covered, the red slime algae will inhibit gas exchange and nutrients to the organism, causing their death. Once Red Slime algae settles in your aquarium, it has already started to destroy your corals.

Red Slime growth happens when several factors are present, including prolonged or excessive light (needed for photosynthesis), excess nutrients (over feeding- producing ammonia, phosphates and nitrates), unfiltered water and poor water circulation.

Dr. G's Red Slime Controller will help reduce (and may eradicate) the problem, but the factors described above must be corrected with increased water flow, better filtration and use of a good protein skimmer. Do not overfeed your fish.

For Phosphate removal, we recommend using Dr. G's Phosphate Remover.

Note: Corals that have already been irreparably damaged by the slime algae-beyond a point of being able to recover-will inevitably die off, even with the use of this product.

Directions: Mix the entire contents with enough aquarium water to fill the bottle 2/3 full. Shake well until totally dissolved.

Shut down your protein skimmer, UV light and Ozonizer and remove activated carbon. Add dissolved solution. During treatment, use an air pump to maintain oxygen level in your tank. Add the entire mixed solution to the tank. Wait 48 hours to re-start systems that were shut down for treatment.

Change 20% of tank water 48 hours after using this product (the Protein Skimmer may foam profusely due to dead slime bacteria removal).

Active Ingredient: Propriety Formula.

Warning: Not for Human consumption. For Aquarium Use Only. Avoid prolonged skin contact. Keep out of reach of children.

Dr. G's Marine Aquaculture, Inc. cannot be held responsible for damage caused by improper product use.