Dr. G's Nitrate Remover 150g

Dr. G's Nitrate Remover 150g

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•Effectively removes harmful nitrate
   •Rapidly eliminates toxic nitrate

Dr.G's Nitrate Remover is an extremely fast absorption media, which will reduce and eliminate Nitrate from your water, it is very effective in Fresh Water Aquariums, Salt Water Aquariums and Ponds.

Active life of the media, depends on the nitrate concentration in the aquarium and under normal conditions it will stay effective for several weeks.

Frustrated with slow zeolitic sponges, that will take weeks to work? Our Nitrate Remover works in a matter of hours!

Nitrates in your tank are a by-product of excess food and decomposed organic wastes from fish and other living creatures.

Nitrates can kill your fish and produce nuisance algae blooms. Do not over feed. Thaw any frozen foods before administering to your tank.

Ensure you have a thick sand bed, allowing denitrifying bacteria to thrive in oxygen depleted conditions.

Natural oceans have very low nitrates, generally well below 5 ppm. You should maintain your Nitrate levels below 10 ppm, to keep your fish healthy and eliminate algae growth.

Dr. G's Nitrate Remover provides the balance your tank needs.

Directions: We have done the work for you. Our Nitrate Remover comes already packed in Our No Mess, No Fuss Media Bag, so all you need to do is place the media bag in a high flow area of your filtration system.

This is the best Nitrate media remover you can buy. Keep Nitrate levels below 10 ppm with 5 PPM preferred. Replace when Nitrate levels start to rise.

Dosage: If used on a Reactor, remove Nitrate Remover beads from Media Bag, and use 50 g (10 TBS) per 50 gal (200l) saltwater, 50 g (10 TBS) per 100 gal fresh water, or simply use in the Media Bag provided with this product.

Storage: Keep container tightly closed and in a cool, dry area.

Ingredients: Macroporous nitrate selective resins.

Warning: For Aquarium Use Only. Do not ingest. Like with any other chemicals, in case of contact, wash skin with soap and plenty water. In case of eye contact, flush with plenty of water and seek medical attention. Keep away from children and pets.