Dr. G's Activated Carbon 250g

Dr. G's Activated Carbon 250g

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Dr. G's Activated Carbon

• Removes Organic Pollutants, keeps water Clean, Healthy and Crystal clear. Exceptional Chemical Filtration/Water Purifier.
• Acid Washed + Pre-Washed in RO/DI Water, extremely low ash content. Will not leach phosphate into your tank.
• Best quality bituminous activated carbon, will not affect your pH, will not leach back absorbed elements and is safe to use in reef systems.
• Great For Salt Water, Fresh Water Aquariums & Ponds.

Dr. G's does not use anthracite coal, wood, peat-based or coconut shell carbons, which are not very effective for aquarium applications. We use the best low ash, acid washed - high quality bituminous activated carbon that money can buy.

Our carbon has optimal size, pore structure and a large surface area for maximal adsorption.

Activated carbon quickly removes pollutants and toxins (chlorine, chloramines), hazardous dissolved organic compounds (DOC), odors, colors, organic acids, proteins, hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, medications, metals, and minerals. It will also clarify your water taking out yellowish tint. Will absorb odor causing phenols. It takes out what ever your protein skimmer can not.

Dosage: More is not always best, we suggest 3 tablespoons of carbon for each 50 Gallons of water. Activated carbon can only absorb as much as it can hold. Once it has absorbed in as much as it can, it becomes exhausted, which means it is unable to absorb anything more.

Depending on the load in your tank, we suggest to change it once a month. If left in the system longer, it will no longer serve its purpose. If before the month is over and you notice that the water color get a yellow tinge, it is time to change.

Ingredients: Best quality bituminous activated carbon in granules.